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Czech Republic: UFO Buzzes Town, Stunned Witnesses, see photo
UFO over Cheb, Czech Republic

(Photo by Stanislav Strmen. Source: Karlovarsky.denik.cz)

03-06-09-Czech Republic: UFO buzzes town, many stunned witnesses, good photo taken.

Michael Cohen m.cohen@allnewseb.com

Media in the Czech Republic is widely reporting a series of UFO sightings that occurred last month in the northern town of Cheb. Numerous residents have flooded radio stations, newspapers and police with calls regarding the UFOs prompting something of an investigation into the events.

The events occurred at around 7.45 pm on Saturday February 14 of this year and again at around the same time on February 17.

Local residents are completely at odds to explain the events. Pavel Beran was returning home from a night out with his wife when he saw the UFOs on 14 February.’ We saw two lights and then another two, one emitting a bright orange light, the objects then shot away into the distance in a westward direction. It all lasted about a minute’.

Vaclav Tondl was also with his wife when he saw the same lights buzz over the town square. He reported five objects circling around the town, hover over the church, then fly into the distance. ‘It was like nothing I have ever seen before, they were definitely controlled craft’. Vaclav said that he did not hear any sound coming from the objects.

Similar events took place again on the night of February 17. Stanislaw Strmen of Cheb went outside to fix what seemed to be interference to his TV reception when he noticed four objects moving over the city and then disappearing, possibly towards Germany.

This time the witness reported a deep humming sound. Stanislaw managed to take a few photos with a digital camera before the UFOs left.

‘I think they might have been real UFOs-they weren’t aircraft or helicopters’ he noted.

Interestingly, the rather good photo of what appears to be an 'old-fashioned' saucer taken by Mr Strmen has been confirmed by other witnesses as being what they saw.

Ladislav Bohm, the local police chief confirmed the sightings and said they still remained a mystery. ‘No police aircraft were operating in the area’. The local emergency services department did mention that a helicopter was used in the area on the February 17 prior to the sightings but not on February 14. Local witnesses are sure they what they saw was not a helicopter.

Cheb has a population of around 33,000 and is located near the Czech border with Germany. It is an area of immense historical being once part the area known as the Sudetenland. This region and town was once almost entirely populated by ethnic Germans.

Adolf Hitler and the Nazi movement regarded as one of their most central goals the desire to return this area to a 'Greater Germany'. After Austria, the area was the next territory to be invaded and annexed by Nazi Germany paving the way for WW2.

UFO over Cheb, Czech Republic The invasion marked the end of freedom for the peaceful, liberal and democratic Czechoslovakian Republic which was then plunged into decades of oppression, first under the Nazis and then under Communism.

After WW2 ended the German population was expelled from the area. After the collapse Communism in Eastern Europe the Czechs and the Slovaks decided to split and go their own ways. Czechoslovakia was no more.

Are seemingly peaceful aliens visiting the area to get an understanding of human beings violent history as part of a risk assessment exercise, determining what damage we might do within galactic framework?

An understanding of the past history of this area might lead them, sadly, to conclude we are truly not ready to play a role beyond earth. Nowadays the only Germans that ‘invade’ the area are not armies but often lone men crossing the border to make use of bargain-price brothels full of the notoriously beautiful Czech women.

The Czech media often carries articles complaining about this cross border trade.

One local politician is calling for security cameras to be installed at specific locations where prostitutes congregate and German cars slow down to engage with them. The idea is to identify the number plate and send the photo of the often married man negotiating with a sex worker to the address linked to the car.

The idea has been criticised by Czech lawyers as a breach of international law that could break up families and punish innocent children for their father’s actions. It is unlikely to proceed.

While it is unlikely that aliens are visiting the area for its women, should the cameras be installed perhaps they could end up capturing images of visitors from a lot further away than Germany!

One resident thinks that the aliens might be coming for the area's legendary beer. ‘Let’s hope they don’t drink too much before heading home’ comments Adam of Cheb.

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