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Yellow Sphere Reported over Frodsham, in UK
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Frodsham, UK-12-31-08-Just before midnight last night in the village of Frodsham UK, I witnessed a yellow sphere fly overhead moving from the east to the northwest direction.

I thought at first it was a lantern because it was New Year but it was moving too fast.

The route it was taking was almost the route of a flight path for Speke airport (Liverpool John Lennon airport). I know this because I live a few miles up the road from Frodsham and planes fly over head.

I have lived under the flight path for 30 years, so I know this was not a plane. There was 3 other people who witnessed this: one of the guys said it was the second time it had been around that night!

The conditions were icy, the sky was not clear, it was almost like fog and this object was below the clouds. It did not go off into the distance, it was as if it just disappeared into the almost foggy sky!

I did not hear any noise from the object. Anyway, I thought I would let you know just in case anyone else reports it! Darren S.

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