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The Greatest Story of the Millennium is the UFO Cover Up Going on Since 1947!
Barack Obama

Will President Obama make the government tell the TRUTH of aliens visiting Earth?

written by J Shaw

If President Obama along with his CIA head Leon Ponetta wants to change America and the world, they must end the "greatest lie" of the millennium, which is the government denial and the cover up of UFOs and alien visitation here on Earth.

We know that throughout history leaders of mankind has always tried to hide, silence, and even kill the TRUTH in order to keep the world in darkness.

Even the Messiah, Jesus Christ, was killed by the leaders of His day because those insecure leaders wanted to keep the truth from mankind. It didn't work then and it will not work now. James Forrestal, Secretary of Defense in 1947 at the time of the Roswell alien crash, was right when he said that mankind has a right to know the truth.

He died mysteriously. His death was ruled a suicide but many say it was not a suicide but he was murdered to keep the truth from coming out.

How many people are going to have to die mysteriously before the American public says enough is enough and we demand the TRUTH about aliens? Secretary Forrestal told others he felt his life was in danger.

A little bit more info on James Forrestal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yM0NGbxzBVI

Other Roswell eyewitness have also mysteriously died: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sc_hm3d1zaE&feature=related

Why want the government be honest with the people of Earth?

More than likely, it is because they think we're a bunch of idiots, and we can't handle knowing the truth. Yet hundreds or thousands of government officials know the truth and they seem to be functioning fine with the facts. If Military and Government officials can handle the truth, well then can't we all?

The government is not going to do what is right and release this information unless they are made to do so.

Why some in power feel that they can handle the truth but the tax payers who pay their government salaries can't handle is truth is another mysterious thing.

If you look at the high ranking government personnel, including Roswell eyewitness Major Jesse Marcel that have come out with the truth that aliens are visiting earth and UFOs are real, it would be hard not to believe their testimonies.

Depiction of Roswell CrashThe American Press, the american public, and our new president Barack Obama must "change" this great lie our government has perpetrated for almost 70 years.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Yes, UFOs and aliens are real, and some governments, including the USA, already have this knowledge but they're working overtime to make sure this TOP Secret evidence doesn't become concrete in the eyes of the media and the public. They can't stop the inevitable.

Aliens are not gods but creatures created by God!

Betty and Barney Hill's abduction case is one that holds credence that these aliens are space explorers, and have the technology to reach distant planets. Betty describes and draws a star map that the aliens showed her when she asked their leader where they were from. The leader showed Betty a large star map of the star system Zeta Reticuli, and pointed to the planet they were from.

Betty and Barney's UFO abduction was verified years later after the star system, she drew was discovered years later by earth's scientists to exist, just as Betty had described. The aliens also asked Betty why her husband Barney's teeth came out and hers didn't. Obviously no gods or beings from our world would ask such a question about dentures. This part of their testimony was also verified decades later by some of the eyewitnesses of the alien's body autopsy from the Roswell Crash, when they said the aliens had no teeth.

Depiction of Hill Abduction So Betty's original testimony makes more sense years later as to why the aliens would be curious about our teeth. There are many such cases as this that point to the truth that very intelligent advance alien life is visiting Earth but people need not look to aliens for answers but to God.

Those awaiting aliens to land and bring lasting peace on Earth will never have that fantasy realized. Aliens are not gods, they are creatures just like the rest of us. After all, gods don't crash in the New Mexico desert, or anywhere else for that matter.

Religious folk need to not fear for they are not demons either. Demons can't read minds, and they don't have to ask abductees why some teeth come out and others don't.

Why are UFO believers struggling to make UFOs fact rather than fantasy?

FOUR words describe why, MISUSE OF CREDIBLE SOURCES! The only case that needs to be made is that over a hundred ranking military personnel have come forward. That's enough to prove there is a great lie from our government. In a court of law, a hundred witnesses is enough to prove anything. There are high ranking military sources that have broken ranks to testify that aliens are REAL but these men and women are not being used enough to make the point that aliens are REAL.

Anyone knows that if you want to make a strong and believable case, you need credible sources.

Who is more credible than those whom our government has trained and promoted to high office? Our brightest minds come from those in the Military who had trust and security clearance, also pilots both commercial and military, and former government workers that had access to this information.

John Mack, a Harvard graduate, was a bright mind that believed in alien visitors from distant worlds. As a Psychiatrist and Professor at Harvard Medical School, many people believed what John Mack said about aliens and abductees. His tragic death in September 27, 2004, was a great loss to the UFO community of believers and the world. John Edward Mack, M.D. was a Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer, and considered to be a leading authority on the abduction phenomenon. He was ran over by a car when he was in London.

Depiction of Crop Circle Crop Circles are really crop signs or crop codes.

These other worldly beings are communicating to mankind in indirect ways. They are writing messages in our crops. Some of these crop codes are highly complex, and in no way could have been manmade overnight. Some abductees report being told by these creatures that our planet is heading for dark and disastrous times.

It is wise to look at the alien visitation phenomenon, crop circles, abductions and the like as signs of the time. These creatures are trying to indirectly establish contact with us to let mankind know that we are not alone and that we can do much better than we are currently. One alien abductee said that the aliens told them that they know there is a Creator God and they referred to Him as the Source.

Are governments holding back these the facts of alien technology because that would destroy the theory of evolution? Knowing that there are possibly more worlds that have life than we could even count would do more to prove there is a Creator God rather than life randomly took place on the Earth alone through evolution.

More on Crop Circles: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KoR2t-iM9k


Are aliens planning to destroy Earth as in the movie "War of the Worlds?"

No! If aliens wanted to destroy us with their advanced technology they could wipe us out relatively easily if that were their goal. These being are here more or less trying to warn mankind and help us in an indirect way. Those who have encountered them say these beings are just as curious about us as we are about them.

Many who have been abducted by aliens say that the aliens have communicated with them that our planet is in trouble and headed toward a dark future. It's almost as if these beings are warning us of a bleak and dim future for our planet Earth.

Also that Earth will undergo major earth changes and this tribulation wll usher in a time of suffering as our world has never known. It is highly likely that God has laws among advanced worlds that governs all of His creation from direct alien interference. This type of law would surely prohibit advanced civilizations from directly interfering with the progress any world such as ours, as we must create our own destiny and learn from our mistakes by bettering ourselves.

Notice that the Roswell Crash happened in 1947, not long after the Atomic Bomb was dropped on Japan in 1945. The 2 Atomic bombs were flown from the only nuclear weapons base in America at that time, the Roswell New Mexico's 509th bomb squadron. On August 6, 1945, the nuclear weapon "Little Boy" was dropped on the city of Hiroshima, followed on August 9 by the detonation of the "Fat Man" nuclear bomb over Nagasaki.

The bombs killed as many as 140,000 people in Hiroshima and 80,000 in Nagasaki by the end of 1945. There was probably so much alien activity in the New Mexico area after those two nuclear bombs had been flown from the 509th military base and dropped on Japan, that it lead to a crash between two of their space craft. Obviously our use or misuse of nuclear technology is of great concern to the aliens.

It is no coincidence that the two most famous alien incidents, at Roswell and Rendlesham, also just happened to be nuclear weapon bases.

Depiction of Rendlesham UFO Also many military personnel at other nuclear weapon bases tell of alien activity on their bases at times. The Rendlesham Forest case happened at an English Air Force base that had a nuclear weapon storage complex.

See more on that incident at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r35q0KQMXOg

We are on the verge something special in America with the swearing in of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States. We only hope that many good changes will come from his Presidency.

One of those changes may be that the world learns the truth about UFOs and aliens that our governments have deceitfully hidden from the men and women who pay their salaries.

Obama will hopefully remind the government that they work for the people and not the other way around. America is a democracy, but our government leaders hide the truth about aliens as if America was a dictatorship.

The fact that we have recovered space craft from alien worlds already in our government's possession is the biggest story since Jesus' birth, death and resurrection. Why are very few of the media even demanding the truth and telling this story? The biggest story of our century is being overlooked. But NOT FOR LONG!

written by J Shaw

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