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Reader Submits Photo of Hubble-Unknown Object Also Seen
Unknown Object in Photograph of Hubble

I happened to be doing a google search for photos of the Hubble Telescope in orbit, when I happened to find a photo of interest. I downloaded it and pulled it up in Photoshop, where I zoomed in on the telescope.

That is when I noticed something that wasn't quite right. Something was in the picture, near the Hubble.

I began lightening the area with the Dodge Tool set on Midtones at 7%. Something began to appear and take shape. It is very strange, to say the least!

I am enclosing the original photo and a cropped version that I worked on.

Thank you,


(Editor's Note: I wrote Rog back and told him I thought the photograph was interesting. I also stated that there might be a very simple explanation for the unknown object, considering the many objects in orbit.

If any of our readers know what the second object might be, please let us know.)

Hubble & Unknown Object

(Click on image to see original, untouched image)

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