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Strange Sighting in Alabama, near Huntsville, 01-11-09
Eyewitness Photo
Near Huntsville, Alabama-01-09-09

(Editor's Note: This article was originally listed as occuring in Texas. This was a mistake because of a lack of communication between the witness and myself. In fact, it occurred in Alabama. We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused.)

Photo Information:

1. The 737 airliner (looked like a perfectly normal passenger airliner, except that it was parked in midair)

2. Glare from my windshield, I took the picture from sitting inside the front seat of my car (drivers side)

3. Glare also. The orb that was dipping and dancing around the sky was not in the shot, I aimed my camera at the plane itself.

Yesterday morning at around 9:00 AM when I was driving to Huntsville, I saw a stationary 747 or 737 passenger plane parked in the sky about 100 feet above a field just to the right side of the road. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me at first because the car was in motion and I was definitely driving towards the nose of the plane, but as I got closer I realized that it was truly just sitting there parked in the sky.

To its right (my left) was an orb dancing around in the sky. It seemed to reflect the sky on all its “sides” and appeared perfectly round and solid. It was no bigger than a person would be if they were curled up in a ball. When I realized that it was indeed parked in the sky, I pulled over and snapped a photo with my digital cell phone camera.

It isn't that great but here it is. (see above) My cell phone camera is about 5 yrs old and very poor quality. I was inside my car snapping the picture from underneath my windshield so there is definite glare.

UFO Depiction I will try my best to get it to sharpen in Photoshop, but this is the actual raw photo taken at 9 AM, 1/9/09. The exact location of the craft was approximately ½ mile north of the Toyota plant in Huntsville on Pulaski Pike Rd. I don’t know why it chose this location because there is only a field full of llamas, alpacas, some donkeys, horses and cows.

There is also a stream nearby with fish in it. Maybe it was surveying the area or something, I don’t know. But after I took the picture I was beside myself.

Back in 2000 when we lived in Texas, the whole family (kids, me, hubby) saw the exact same thing! A large passenger plane parked in the sky, about the size of a 737 or 747, and it too was parked so low you could see every detail of its wings, engines, windows, paint job.

The one today was painted with a silver-grey bottom and orange on the sides (like a Northwestern Airlines plane). It had no “underbelly” rocket boosters or anything. There was no way in the physical world it could have been hovering because passenger planes that are made to stay in flight while moving simply drop to the ground if they are motionless.

About 30 seconds after I parked the car, it started to go away (I guess the occupants saw me?). It went slow for about 5 seconds then Whoosh!, disappeared going in an upwards northeasterly direction very fast. Also, the sphere that was dancing around everywhere disappeared. The weather for the sighting was perfect, 100% clear sky, no clouds anywhere. 9:00 AM, broad daylight.

Carolyn Z

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