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The Levels of UFO–Alien Encounters

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by Chris Holly

I have been involved for a long time with people who have had UFO sightings; encounters of lost time, close encounters where Alien beings were seen and those who have been abducted.

After talking to many of the different areas of Alien interaction with humans, I have noticed a pattern that seems to follow along with these experiences.

The first thing I noticed is that those who have lost time events seem to remain in the dark about what may have happened to them. They all seem to recall a strange experience just before the lost time begins, like the sighting of a craft.

Others recall rays of light coming to or surrounding them and other people remember a type of being or group of Alien type creatures approaching them. All the lost time encounters I have reviewed have occurred when the person or people were alone.

In the category of lost time I find people only recall being back, or awakening, or to find they are driving along a place they do not know or recall driving to. I have had common reports from this type of event of headaches, dizziness, and clothing on backwards or in disarray at the end of the event.

Often they might find burns or marks on their bodies or vehicles. This group typically does not recall what happened during their lost hours and often do not wish to know. People who have had sightings that involve seeing Aliens along with the craft sighting seem to follow a bit of a different experience. This kind of encounter often is recalled clearly and without much harm to the viewer of the event.

If they are at a safe distance they may experience great fear and excitement, however all seem to survive the sighting without any type of physical harm. A few I have spoken with have received what was akin to sunburn or light sensitivity to their eyes.

The only other comment I have about those who have these close encounters that is they seem to at times embellish the event.

I also understand why this happens. Many sighting last only a few minutes-some only seconds. These people are seeing an event that is both life changing and incredible. They are witnessing crafts and beings that other humans may never see. This fact is over whelming and the need to communicate the enormity of the event so overpowering that they feel the need to color and fluff the event so all will listen and believe them.

I understand how this happens, and realize it is almost impossible not to do. If you see what seems to be another hand of God's work, you become overcome with the event and want others to understand the power of what you have seen.

I try hard to keep the events I write about as pure as possible. The reason for this is that I want to bring the truth of this subject matter to light. I feel the simple events told as they happen the best road to take. I try to keep those I talk to pointed to the actual event as much as possible. I do not think every experience has to have a full story or fantastic ending. The fact they had an experience be it for 30 seconds or 3 hours is what matters. The fact they have seen what we have been told does not exist IS the story.

The last encounter type I want to talk about is the Abduction. Abductions are the toughest, most difficult part of this Alien agenda. I have found two basic schools when it comes to Abduction. The first is the full-blown Hollywood version of Abduction with detailed recall of what happened from the colors of the Aliens eyes to every thought exchanged.

I have encountered many reports of this nature, and frankly leave those for others to investigate for my own personal reasons. Since I have no real knowledge accumulated with that type of Alien Abduction report I have little to say concerning them.

UFO Depiction My preferred case of reported Abductions are those by people who are more reserved and careful about the subject. I find many common threads with those who have this type of Abduction. Many people who have been taken do not recall the event other then when the event begins or ends.

Some have partial recall of what happens to them. All are frightened and hate what has happened to them and fear it will occur again.

The sad fact is that for many of these Abductees being taken against their will becomes a lifetime occurrence. Many of these people have been harmed physically from small implants or markings to serious internal damage. I know of men who have had large bruises for weeks on their private parts, and women who have unusual bleeding, pain, or have had fetuses removed.

I find this type of Abduction person often confused, depressed, and left to feel completely alone with this horrific ordeal going on in their life. Think about how those in you life would react if you started to claim Aliens were taking you and hurting you. Chances are you would find yourself in the exact same place these people do.

In order to prevent the chance of ridicule or worse concern they are mentally ill people forced to deal with these encounters often do it in silence.

I also am finding a large amount of Abduction cases being reported that follow families through out the generations. Often I find Abductees who tell me that a parent or grandparent was also taken or had lost time events. It appears it can follow along to siblings and children of these families, which is truly disturbing.

Ed Fleming of F.T.T.O.U.F.O International, (Finding the truth on UFOs) has a site for those who have been abducted. His site is a place for Abductees to find help or to report their experiences.

Ed recently talked with me about the family connections with Abductions. Ed feels as I do that this occurs as a way for the Aliens to keep pure the biologic material they are taking. Ed feels it is a way to continue along one DNA path for whatever reason the Aliens are taking people in the first place.

I have to agree it may be possible that the abducted people are chosen for what may be a long-term experiment of human material. It would make sense that they may want material they are successful with and stay when they can with family lines.

It could be that the family lines they seem to follow are those who they have interbred with and are trying to build a healthy link between both species. It could be one of many reasons we as humans are not able to comprehend or imagine. The fact is they do seem to enjoy taking family groups or members whenever it is possible.

I relate to this type of Abduction case for my own private reasons. I also vowed to do all I can to try expose what goes on out there so others can avoid this fate and harm. I go out of my way to protect those who talk to me about Abductions. I consider being taken a very special and delicate area involved in the Alien agenda subject.

They are not taking us for our benefit or amusement. They do take us for their own purposes. I only hope someday we will all understand why.

I will end this article by once again telling those of you who may one day find yourself in a strange event along the lines of this subject matter to always remain calm if you can. The best thing to do is always try to find other people if you see something odd and never ever go off on your own to investigate what you see.

Lights are helpful but other people around you are always the best offense in this area. Know if you do have an encounter many others have as well. You are not alone and you can survive.

I will include the F.T.T.O.U.F.O site link at the end of this article. If you have been taken –if you believe you have been abducted this site is one place to find others like you. For now please pay attention to your surroundings and always keep looking up!


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