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The Billy Meier Hoax... By Ron Bracale
Meier photo

I would like to comment on the Billy Meier case, as in my opinion it appears to be a hoax. Several articles have cited it as fact, but the pictures appear to be forgeries. Some appear to be models hanging in trees, while others either have lighting anomalies or contrast and brightness incongruence.

Still others have disturbed pixels surrounding the UFO image, indicating that the image was doctored. I have spent many years working with graphics and cannot accept a single image as authentic. What anyone should ask is this, "If the images were taken with a 35 mm camera that was the standard at the time, why have no high resolution images been released?"

35 mm film is capable of being transferred to extremely high resolution digital images, which would end any potential debate about their authenticity. Even a frame from 8 mm film can be transferred to a high resolution digital image. If the images were authentic, then they would be presented at a resolution that would lend credence to them as evidence for the UFO phenomena.

I believe that UFO crafts are very real phenomena, but I do not accept these images as evidence. Many sites on the Internet also support my opinion that Meier’s photographs are forgeries.

I went to the web site www.theyfly.com and there found a link to “Beamship Sounds here!” I am a musician with three released CDs, and synthesizers are something I know well. This sound clip is a synthesizer sound. It has the artifact of a looping process that is clear as day to a trained ear.

Such artifacts are common with modern digital delays and in the early days of electronic music, tape loops had the same quality which is clearly evident in this fake beamship sound. Some might try and stretch the facts to say that something in the beamship engine just happens to sound like a modern artificial sound with a looping process occurring, but the probability of that is extremely low, invalidating these sounds as valid evidence.

I believe that understanding the UFO situation is a topic of unparalleled importance to humanity. Every presentation of questionable material allows skeptics to undermine the scientific research process which is crucial to gaining a true understanding of these phenomena. Critical analysis of all evidence must occur and as such, there are bound to be differences of opinion. My opinion is that the Billy Meier case is a hoax.

Written by Ron Bracale

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