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Video: Triangle UFO in Night Vision

Here is a video that I know you will find interesting. Unfortunately, there is no information about it, save for a title. We don't know where this was taken, when it was filmed, nor who filmed it, except for an assumed name.

This has been my complaint ever since the video hosting sites like youtube and others. Most of the files found on these sites have no information, so they become nothing more than conversation pieces, and have no probative value whatsoever.

So, for entertainment purposes, check it out below. If anyone discovers any information about this video, please let me know.

Watch carefully at about the 20 second mark.

UPDATE: 01-30-09

Our reader, Johnny, informed that the video below was filmed on December 5, 2008 in Vermont, California.

Also, our reader, Will, sent me the following information:

Hi, I just watched the night vision triangle video, and I know who filmed it, I will link you to his youtube page, which has more great videos and his reply to me.


I'm working on getting an HD camcorder, and I also have infrared/UV filters that I'm trying right now. I'm currently just using a 3rd generation night vision goggles and a modified infrared/UV camcorder.

I just pan the sky until I see something of interest. I normally see something in about 10 minutes. The weather's been pretty crummy lately with all the rain though...

if you'd like, just subscribe to my videos and you'll see them as soon as they're up. I just put another comparison file up.

I have much more on the way... stay tuned!





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