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Eyewitness to O'Hare UFO Releases Video-See it here...
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(Editor's Note: The following report is very interesting, but keep in mind that it still needs further study. The gentleman who released the film seems very sincere, but a lot of the information cannot be verified at this time. Perhaps more information will be forthcoming.)

March 24, 5:23 PM

Recently posted Youtube video purports to be O'Hare UFO. A video posted March 21, 2009, on Youtube claims to be the real deal of the Nov. 7, 2006, Chicago O'Hare Airport UFO sighting.

The video is posted with the headline - "Chicago O'Hare Airport UFO Witness Breaks His Silence." The username is ohareufowitness, age 39, someone who joined Youtube on the same day as the posting.

Illinois MUFON Director Sam Maranto, who has studied this case extensively, was able to watch the video from his Chicago area home today.

"The footage is shot at an impossible angle," Maranto said. "It was 1500' to 1900' above gate c-17, 200' - 400' below the solid overcast... too bright of backdrop... too big of an object. Unless this person was in the tower where it could not have been seen."

On the Youtube page, this person related the following story.

"I have sat on this evidence for over 2 years, mainly because of the nature of my background, if you knew who I was then you would understand.

"Back on November 7th 2006, I was near Chicago O'Hare International airport when I was witness to what was arguably one of the most important UFO incidents in modern times. After the incident, many people jumped on the UFO bandwagon and came forward with false evidence, I can't speak for these individuals, I can only speak for myself.

"I witnessed a gigantic UFO hovering over the Airport at precisely 4:32 p.m. The UFO was a dark, hazy, metallic disc/cigar shaped craft. It was at a height of roughly 750 feet from the ground, completely silent, frozen still, and was well over 100 meters in length. I managed to film the UFO on my cell phone for 1 minute, I observed the UFO for a further 1 minute, after which time it took off, and went upwards at tremendous speed and was gone.

"If you watch the clip properly, at the start of the clip you can clearly see a large passenger jet taking off, and flying directly under the UFO, which shows just how huge this thing was. The UFO was completely frozen still, and any movement on the video clip is camera movement and camera shake. I filmed the UFO on my cell phone with the zoom set to full.

"This is arguably one of the most important pieces of UFO photographic evidence in existence, and to ever be posted on the internet, simply because I know it was a genuine Unidentified Flying Object, and it was witnessed by many credible individuals, including pilots.

"Yes I would love to come forward and go public with my story, but this is just not an option for me, due to my job. So that is why I have posted the clip on You Tube. For those who don't want to believe the truth, that's up to you, but what you are seeing is genuine footage of an unknown craft, and shame on the world media for all the ridicule they threw at this unbelievable incident."

And defending himself March 24 from critics, the video photographer writes this.

"Ok, so I will answer some of the main questions directed at me. All I can say is that the footage is 100% real and genuine. The reason it's not great quality is because it's only 3 mega pixel cell phone footage, and yes, we had zoom 2 years ago, and to say I filmed it of a screen is untrue and insane. The sound is crappy because I was at some distance from the aircraft, and cell phones don't pick up much sound, they only have a tiny microphone for recording sound. The reason I only got one minute's worth of footage is because my cell phone's memory was full and it stopped recording. Don't you think I would just pay somebody to create me a stunning piece of evidence if I really wanted to pull a hoax? Think about it..."

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