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Student Captures Strange Light Hovering in Montgomery County, PA
Pennsylvania blue light

February 2, 12:44 AM

by Roger Marsh, UFO Examiner

Blue light photographed in Bucks County skies.

LANSDALE, PA - A 12-year-old in this Montgomery County community was lying in bed at 10:10 p.m. Jan. 25 when he noticed a blue light in the sky through his window. The young photography student got out of bed, opened his window, and shot images of the light using a Kodak Easy Share camera.

Nearby Bucks County has been a hot bed of UFO activity throughout summer and fall, 2008, and on Jan. 24 was the site of a UFO Conference sponsored by the PA chapter of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

The young man was looking in the northwest sky and said he believes the light could have been approximately 20 miles away, but no more than about 50 feet above local roof tops. He said the light was not moving while he took photos in less than one minute's time, and then it was gone. He said the light reappeared an hour later, but then was gone. From his perspective, he did not hear any noise associated with the light.

Lansdale is a borough in Montgomery County, PA, 28 miles northwest of Philadelphia, with a population of about 16,000.

Pennsylvania Mutual UFO Director John Ventre is having the photos analyzed. On first look, Sam Maranto, the Illinois MUFON director explained the process of ruling out stars, planets and other known bodies.

''Assuming it's not Venus,'' Maranto said Friday night, ''the photos are interesting and warrant further study.''

Location of sighting

Maranto said he will request additional information about the case and will offer an opinion. ''The blue color to the light is very interesting,'' he said.

Landsale is not without its own local legend though. According to legend, the town was once home to the mysterious H tree, which stood on a 12 foot hill. There were supposedly three H trees in the whole world, which were thought to be the entrances to hell. One would have to circle one of the trees six times, and jump off the cliff, and the ground would open up and take you to hell. The H tree was cut down to make room for a housing development. The H tree story was featured in the book Weird Pennsylvania.

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