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Silicon Chunks Found in Landing Sites in Israel, and other Locations
Hannan Sabat with silicon chunks
Silicon chunks found in landing sites across Israel and other locations around the world

Following your article Do Aliens Exist? "Yes, and I have a UFO fragment!" we would like to inform you as follows:

Silicon chunks were found in several landing locations across Israel and other places around the world. These chunks and particles remained on the surface, where the UFO has allegedly landed. This material has and is being researched for decades and still hasn't revealed its entire concealed qualities.

During the 90's, several landing events had taken place in Israel, in which some, this material was discovered. The material has been examined in several major Israeli institutes and universities, however a vast article made at the time by Mr. David Ronen - a well known Journalist and UFOlogist, currently spokesman for E.U.R.A. - was censored and forbidden from being published.

Mr. Ronen presented the material in two interviews he gave to Israeli television, as where he explained some of its qualities for instance, capability of rapid ice melting.

Unfortunately, these interviews are in Hebrew so it would be pointless to enclose a viewing link.

silicon chunk The material has been identified as highly pure Silicon (or a lookalike silicon material), which differ from industrial Silicon in crystalline structure.

According to lab test results, such material does not exist on earth further more, there is no known information as to how such can be manufactured.

As well as in its chemical and physical structure, the material is significantly different from Industrial Silicon regarding its unique qualities aspect, which makes it a major source of interest to nuclear scientists, military and electronics industry.

This material and related research were presented in EURA's August 2008 convention.

As we are prohibited from publishing these researches (on account of various reasons), all we can provide at this point are some photographs of the material in our possession.

We shortly intend to produce a short English interview with Mr. Ronen, presenting the Silicon chunks.

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source & references:

Gilli Shechter and Hannan Sabat

E.U.R.A. Israeli Extraterrestrials & UFOs Research Association

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