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New UFO and Chemtrails Video: Airborne Anomalies

Saturday, September 6, 2008 was a crisp, clear day in Houston, Texas. All of that would change at approximately 3 PM when the aerosol planes moved in and and began to spray. I got out my video camera with night vision, and using an infrared filter, I began shooting.

I expected to catch the usual chemtrails and the ensuing cloud formations, which I did. What I did not count on, however, would be multiple anomalies including orbs, rods and other sky born objects I cannot account for. What you are about to see is the footage I shot on that day.

Essentially, I have edited and made some enhancements so one may distinguish the phenomenon more clearly. I do not presume to know what exactly it is I captured on this day in September, and I welcome any thoughts or theories on the matter.

One thing is clear though. Our skies are being manipulated by forces both seen and unseen for some dreaded purpose I do not as of yet understand. I hope this video will spawn curiosity and inspire investigation into these events which have become far too familiar in our skies today.

In this video, I'm shooting night vision using an infrared filter -- thus the green color. This allows visual access to an entire spectrum of light invisible to the naked eye. Regarding the enhancements...well, there's just not too many folks who enjoy live footage of clouds and orbs.

I think the music makes it more palatable for those who would tend to click to another vid after about a minute of me panting and cussing! I do, however, have the raw footage should there be a need for a more scientific specimen.

If this is off-putting or makes you think it's not genuine, consider I could have done something a bit more flashy with After Effects if I was trying to pull off a hoax...

The truth is, these events are not that uncommon these days, but most people either don't know or never bother to look. The purpose of this video is to appeal to those who would not ordinarily watch a video with this subject matter.

Hopefully it will inspire the unaware to investigate for themselves what is actually going on in their skies.

Thanks for watching!

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