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The Strange Encounters of John Vasquez – Fort Benning: September, 1977
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I had the pleasure of interviewing John Vasquez, who many of you already know has been the subject of many articles and books concerning his strange encounters while stationed In September, 1977, at Fort Benning, located in the State of Georgia.

Many who have written about John’s experiences during that time period have connected them to Alien interference with our military troops or experiments by aliens on our troops. John knows that at least 1000 men experienced the same experiences he did at that time. John is one of the very few who seems willing to talk about them or remember them.

I talked for a long time with John about his adventures while stationed at Fort Benning and know something very out of the ordinary did happen during that time. I also think most of the men who endured what he did had the memory of it wiped clean, leaving few if any besides John with any recall of the events that took place.

John told me that during his time at the base he had a few events that were extremely strange. John does not claim to know what happened, and to this day is without answers or conclusions. John knows something went on that was not normal or explained and still has no idea what it was that he unwillingly took part in.

John recalls the main event as a confused event that took place one early evening in September of 1977. John explained to me what he could clearly recall of that night.

“ It was early evening. The night was a hot, sticky, southern night in September. About 1000 of us were called out into this big open field that stood in front of our barrack housing units. We were called to stand in formation waiting for the brass in charge to inform us of why we were called to the field. It was not the normal procedure to be called to this field at night, and we were all a bit nervous to what was going on.

As we stood there, I heard some of the men in line talking and pointing. I heard them say something about something strange in the sky. Before I could figure out what they were talking about or looking at, we were called to attention. I am not sure what took place during this time period. It is a mixture of being at attention in formation, and of the men breaking ranks and yelling and talking about some thing approaching us from the night sky.

I could not see what was going on, but realized as I tried to look to my left and right, that some of the men standing around me seemed to be asleep while standing in formation. I then realized that half the field of men were yelling and running away from the field.

I was able to see a blinding white light coming down over the field, but could not distinguish what it was or what was happening. All I know is the men caught under or in that light were screaming and running away from it and the field.

The men who were standing with me seemed to be OK. We were panicked, as we did not know if we were under attack, or what was happening. All we knew was that people were screaming and running, and no one seemed to be in charge.

Some men seemed to be standing completely still as if in a trance or asleep. I yelled to the guys standing around me to run towards the Barracks. I could see others running towards the buildings, which were built up on stilts, and crawling under them to take cover. Being the only cover around we ran for them too.

As we took off running towards the Barracks we could see rays of blasting lights scanning the field and hear the men caught out in the field screaming for help. We ran for our lives and rolled under a building as fast as we could.

The bunch of guys I ran from the field with all crawled as far under the middle of the building as possible. The only protection we could think of was to get away from the light and try to hide from the field until we could figure out what to do.

We huddled under the center of the Barrack building and whispered to each other. Everyone was confused and very frightened. We were trapped under the Barrack. We could hear the terror and screaming from the field, and knew our weapons were inside the Barrack above us.

We talked quietly for a few minutes as we watched the rays of light start to search under the Barracks trying to reach the men who had crawled under them for safety. You could hear the men start to yell for help as the light beams found and hit them where they hid.

A few other guys and I wanted to try to crawl back out and make it into one of the buildings to find weapons as to have a fighting chance. We started to crawl towards the edge of the building trying to avoid the searching light rays as we made our way. We had no idea who or what was attacking us.

As I crawled to the end of the Barrack, I could see the entire field and area around us covered in this odd extremely blinding white light. As I reached out from under the building I placed one hand out from under where I was hiding into the open, and as I did I could not see the end of my arm or hand. It simply vanished from sight as I placed it into the light.

I am a bit confused as what took place next. I recall standing and trying to make a run for it towards the Barrack. I had my back to the field and was trying to get to the entry of the building when I felt it. It was as if an arrow hit me behind my shoulder. Then another, it was piercing and painful. Then there was nothing.

The next thing I recall is coming to, in what seemed to be a huge warehouse or hanger. It was a massive building with hundreds and hundreds of stretcher type beds lined up for as far as one could see. They all had men laying on them. It was a colorless cold place. I tried to stay awake but couldn’t.

I next recall being in a normal army medical unit. The first thing I did was check to see where I had been shot in my back. To my amazement I did not even have a mark anywhere on my body.

I asked what had happened but only got vague answers and was told I had been on the ward as I had been suffering from some type of virus or flu. I questioned them about that night, but was told they had no idea what I was talking about.

When I returned to the Barracks none of the others seemed to recall any of that night at all. I was told there was a huge measles out break on the base, and many of the men had been moved and isolated to a medical unit until they recovered.

I was really confused yet seemed to be the only one remembering what had happened.

Life went back to usual after that first event for a few weeks. Before I left Fort Benning, I did have two other odd events occur.

They happened within days of each other. The first was when a small group of us were sent out into a forested area around the Fort for practice maneuvers. We often spent time in this wooded area and knew it well. As we were making our way along the forest from point A to point B, we walked past a base camp set up with tents and a mess tent and military equipment.

We walked past it along a common path we walked many times before, and knew very well. It was noon. We walked past the camp and then we walked past it again, as if it was an instant replay. It was strange. It was as if we got lost in time, and we were repeating what he had just finished doing.

Again we passed the campsite at exactly noon. This time however – nothing was there. Not a tent or piece of equipment or any signs of life at all. In fact, the area looked as if it had not been touched in years. It was overgrown and void of any sign of human life.

We stopped in confusion and checked our map and tried to make radio contact with the base. We could not make contact and we could not find our camp. We checked our watches, which still remained at noon. It was as if we were lost in a non-existence warp of some kind.

We continued to walk, and once again came to the same place in the forest on the same path where we just walked past the empty campsite. However, this time the camp was just where we left it the first time!

Of course we questioned the military. They acted as if we all had lost our minds, and told us we had just been lost and got confused. We knew that was not true, as we knew that part of the forest like the backs of our hands. We also knew that four hours had passed, yet our watches till all remained at noon.

UFO Depiction A few days later, the same type of event occurred. This time was a bit different. We seemed to cross through what I can only describe as an invisible wall of time while on the same type of mission. We also saw what appeared to be dark type shadow people cross our paths and walk into what appeared nothing, as we made our way along the path between camps.

It was similar to the strange events of the mission in the woods a few days before. This time we seemed to somehow cross over in time or a kind of dimensional change as we traveled the same area of land. It was very strange. I knew by now not to talk about it, as I just wanted for all of it to end. I didn’t want any part of it.

I was lucky, as soon after I was transferred overseas and was able to leave Fort Benning and all of these strange encounters behind me. I still have no idea what happened to us all that September in 1977. I know it all happened and I know the Army knew about it, I just have not been able to find any help on being told what it was all about”

I found John's experience extremely interesting on many levels. I believe John was caught up in experiments during his time at Fort Benning. It is not clear who was in charge of these experiments, but if not by the military, it was allowed by the military or in partnership with our government.

I was curious if John had any lasting effects since the time he experienced those odd events in 1977. John told me he had no other lost time, and he has never seen the same type of strange lights in the sky or any time events since that September in Georgia.

John did mention a few things off handed to me that I did find extremely strange. John reluctantly told me half laughing that he seems to be a ghost magnet. He told me he had many unusual things happen over his lifetime with others seeing ghostly figures, orbs or sounds when he is around.

He also saw the ghost of a woman clearly while working in an old restored hotel in California. John clearly saw a woman walk past him in a closed off section of this huge hotel, yet was told no such woman could have possibly been where he claimed to see her. He was told a woman was murdered who fit her description years ago in the 1920s. John told me events like that seem to follow him around.

After some thought, John also mentioned to me that his oldest son who works with him, claimed that John would omit a bluish aura or light that his son would sometimes see. John did not notice it, but his son swears he has seen it around John a few times. Other than that, John's life seems to be normal, or as normal as it can be.

I was left completely confused on where to go with this interview and knew I needed to find others I trusted who would have some ideas to what occurred to John during the time he was stationed at Fort Benning.

I talked to two paranormal specialists I know and trust, plus two scientists and one physicist. I also was able to discuss it with a high-ranking retired military man.

They all had opinions which I will try to share to the best of my understanding.

The first thing that was suggested was that it was a military experiment to see what happens to crowds when they are placed under an unknown attack scenario.

I was told that there have been other experiments along those lines using military units in the past. Needless to say, that explanation does not explain the fact that the men who experienced this event in 1977 all seem to have had it removed from their memories to the point most are unsure of what-if anything took place.

The other ideas were of new weapon testing where sound and light were used on the men to see if they could control them as a mob and or remove all memory in a mass of people at the same time with one weapon. This of course would seem to have some basis, as the military just recently released a report concerning the development of weapons that can be used to control crowds or used as weapons that do use waves light beams and other devices.

The Army just released the information that the Army is to develop and deploy directed-energy weapons, which would produce a concentrated beam of electromagnetic energy or atomic or subatomic particles to blind, disrupt or destroy targets. Such technology could be used in a variety of attack modes against enemy equipment, facilities or personnel.

Also for the first time since the end of the Cold War, the Army is updating its plans for electronic warfare, calling for more use of high-powered microwaves, lasers, and infrared beams to attack enemy targets and control angry crowds. Military trained people would be able to consider this a huge flash bang event, which is a weapon that can be used today.

With this said, all those I talked with could not explain how over 30 years ago such a large experiment could have been carried out with most of the event wiped out from the 1000 or so men who were unwilling participants in it.

It also does not explain the time events that John encountered in the forest Army camp that summer while on duty in Georgia.

I think after talking to all concerned that something unknown happened to John Vasquez that September at Fort Benning. I also think that it is highly unlikely that this level of experiment was at that point in time possible by our own abilities.

I have known for a long time that as a super power, our military in the United States is at least one decade if not a few decades ahead of the rest of the world in technology, weapons, and craft advancement.

I know our secrets are par to none anywhere else on this world. I have to wonder if we are truly that much smarter in the sciences. Can on our own our men and women of science really be that much more advanced than all the others in the world?

It is true that we had been a world leader in education for many years. However, it is also true that we now trail the world in education and have fallen to somewhere on the list in education to a line 20 something behind other countries.

We now have a country where many can barely read or write. In skill of the sciences, biology, math, and engineering, we are far behind. We cannot fill those seats in our own universities with our own countrymen and need to import others from the world to fill those classes.

If this is the case, how can we be so extremely advanced in the matter of military, weapons and air force type matters? Is it possible?, of course it is.

It is also possible we have been helped by others far more advanced than we are.

It is nearly impossible for me to find an absolute answer to what happened to John Vasquez that year of 1977 at Fort Benning. I think we can all agree that John’s encounters will forever remain a true mystery of the unknown.

I would like to add that I found John Vasquez to be a level headed, normal, lovely man who has no agenda at all concerning what happened to him. He does not know what happened, and makes no determination to what exactly happened. The one thing John knows for sure is that it happened, and to this very day remains a walk into the unknown.

John may have been a pawn in the hands of military experiments, or John may have been willingly given over for Alien inspection or experiment. Whatever happened, I for one, am very glad John Vasquez has survived the events and is kind enough to tell us all about his encounters.

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