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Photograph from Brazil - UFO Shoots Beam to Ground
UFO Photo, Brazil - 02-24-09

Brazil - 02-24-09 Published: 4:32 PM 5/28/2009

In my farm in Tambaú city (rural zone of São Paulo - Brazil) I took a pic of the beautiful landscape. One week later I noticed a UFO when I was showing the pictures to my friend. I will send 2 pictures, one of the UFO and another on that I took 1 minute before.

(Editor's Note: The first photograph, alluded to above, does not show any anomalies.)

Pay atention to the color of the ground, the UFO picture has a purple light, stronger in the ground under the UFO, fading as it spreads.

The other picture, that was taken 1 minute before, without any UFO, doesn't have any purple coloration.

Pay attention to the tree on the left, there are very few leaves, that is why the tree is so purple. The tree on the right has many leaves, blocking the purple light.

I didn't see anything while I was taking the picture, just took the pic and noticed the UFO 1 week later.

Thanks !

Fernando Sobreira

Photo, Brazil - 02-24-09

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