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Dragonfly Crop Circle Appears in Wiltshire, UK

Published: 12:23PM BST 04 Jun 2009

A 150ft long crop circle depicting a dragonfly has appeared in a barley field in the village of Yatesbury, Wiltshire. Photo: STEVE ALEXANDER

The intricate pattern comes after the discovery of a 600ft jellyfish crop circle in Oxfordshire. Crop circle enthusiasts claim the succession of animal designs have been created in an attempt make people more aware of the threat of climate change and predict they could continue throughout the summer.

Steve Alexander, a crop circle fanatic, from Gosport, Hampshire, said: "Some years you do get themes developing and often you are looking for why this happens.

"It could be to reflect the status of the world at the moment with its financial, political and more importantly, environmental problems.

"I imagine this will not be the last one we will see this summer and it has already been a busy summer for spotting them as they are well ahead of schedule."

In past years the crop circle season has typically run from July to August but already four have been found in barley fields stretching from Wiltshire to Oxfordshire this year.

They have been found across the ancient 'ley lines' - believed to have mystical qualities.

"There has certainly been a lot of activity and this is the busiest year since 1999 at the moment," said Mr Alexander.

"People believe they will increase in frequency up to 2012 where there will be some kind of cataclysmic world event."

Dragonfly Crop Circle

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