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Does Video Show UFO Communicating with Israeli Jet?

Published: 5:41 PM 6/21/2009

Amazing video of UFO communicating with Israeli jet

Michael Cohen m.cohen@allnewsweb.com

(Editor's Note: The video shown below is interesting, but just remember the interpretation of what is being seen is strictly that of Michael Cohen. I am not saying that he is right or not, only that it is his opinion only.)

As I have discussed in previous articles, unmanned UFO probes sent by an extraterrestrial civilization are believed to be entering our atmosphere through UFO vortex exits located at various points around the globe. These probes are being sent to monitor the planet and convey messages to humanity about the cosmos.

Army jets mounted with special receiving equipment are scrambled to chase the UFOs, get close and record these alien signals. This remarkable film (below) that has all the signs of being genuine footage has managed to leak out of Israel and onto the World Wide Web. It clearly shows an Israeli Air Force jet attempting to get close to a small probe-type UFO, probably for the purpose of receiving the unworldly information being conveyed.

Over two thousand years ago the biblical prophet Ezekiel recorded what many regard as the most important and credible UFO event ever. Countless sceptical scientists have been stumped by this account where an ancient figure describes, in great detail, technology in a manner that seems impossible.

During this historic encounter Ezekiel witnessed Wheels within Wheels descending to earth accompanied by fire and smoke. These wheels were described as being the colour of electrically charged metal, moved of their own accord as if the living spirit was within them and made the deafening sound of crashing waves.

Inside these wheels unworldly figures wearing white linen clothing were seen handing glowing objects to one another. Secret texts deep within the Kabbalah tell us that these beings came from a planet far away from ours referred to as The World of Atziluth. The Bible records the message the beings had for Ezekiel.

It was the usual: If the Jews didnt get their act together they would be expelled altogether from the land of Israel. However, the beings promised that eventually the children of Israel would return to their land in triumph.

A few thousand years and a couple of exiles later and the Jews have returned to the Holy Land and it appears that communication with these beings has resumed, in this case symbolically above the town of Rishon Letzion: Modern Israel's first settlement.

What could they be discussing? The Israelis might be telling the aliens just how much stuff has gone down since they last spoke, or asking why their outer-space friends never turned up when the Jewish people really needed them.

Perhaps the famous refrain of Jewish mothers worldwide was mentioned: "Why don't you call more often?"

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