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UFO Reported over Louisville International Airport, Kentucky
UFO Depiction

Published: 10:01 AM 6/25/2009

Louisville International Airport, Louisville, Kentucky

The time was 11: 00 AM. I work for a very large package handling company, I am sure you have seen our vans. I work the air district side, on the ramp.

I arrived at work today about 10:30, and as I was arriving to the bird I was to be working with today, some guys came across the radio and started asking everyone if they were seeing this UFO over the North-South runway.

Curiosity sent me to the edge of the ramp to take a look. I didn't see anything, so I thought some bored people were just joking, so I went on about my work.

At about 1:55 PM, I was on the K-Loader for the bird, and I happened to see a reflection in the sky. The reflection was as if someone had a mirror and was trying to signal you.

It would flash, then be dark, and then the sun would catch it and flash again. It was about midway over the runway at this point. I was working at the south end of the runway.

As this object came closer, I could make out that it was rotating, and was a cylinder, then a diamond shape. As it spun horizontally and clockwise, the cylinder shape would catch the sun and reflect it, but the diamond shape was black.

The speed of the rotation was about 4 times a minute. It continued in a straight line over the runway at a slow and steady speed, its height was just under the clouds, the puffy white clouds, that were scattered and sparse.

Approximate altitude around 1500 feet ASL. It continued until it reached the very end of our ramp. It then sat in this position for 30 to 45 seconds, then started to ascend above the clouds.

At that point I lost visual and it disappeared.

The air traffic was very light today, and at the time of my sighting there were no airlines landing or taking off from this runway.

The object was moving against the wind that I would say was a 5 to 8 miles per hour breeze, with light gusts. I was wearing hearing protection and didn't think to take them out to try to hear anything, so I can't comment on the sound or non-sound it may have made.

But there were no sounds that I am not used to hearing at the airport, and when the airport was quiet, as it was during my sighting.

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