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Palmo UFO is spotted in Qld

May 12th, 2009

TWO men on Queensland's Gold and Sunshine coasts have reported seeing a mysterious white light shooting through the night sky about the same time a Territory woman claimed to have photographed UFOs near her Palmerston home.

The Territory mother-of-three, who wished only to be known by her first name Kym, photographed two "discs of light" in the sky as she watched the dark rain clouds roll towards her Palmerston home last month.

Kym said the image was taken on her mobile phone and that she didn't notice the strange lights in the clouds until she downloaded the pictures on to her computer.

The Gold Coast Bulletin has revealed that Nerang resident Michael Baker was standing outside the Worongary shopping centre looking at the sunset on the same day when he saw the strange light travelling from the west about 5.50pm.

"We were just taking in the sunset, looking at the clouds and suddenly we saw a big white streak," he said.

"As it came down towards the ground, it turned blue and then green and it broke up with a bit of a sizzle and a spark."

About the same time, Ian Mayes was taking his 10-year-old daughter Chloe for a walk at Peregian Beach on the Sunshine Coast when he saw an unusual light.

"We just saw this bright white light, like a star, burning for a few seconds and then it fizzled out," he said.

But Springbrook Research Observatory astronomer Andre Clayden said the Queensland sightings were probably a meteor shower.

Kym said she had never had any previous UFO encounters.

"I've never really thought about them or had a view on them," she said.

"But my motto is never say never - anything's possible."

Two 'discs of light' taken by Palmerston mother Kym

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