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Drone-Like UFO Photographed in Holland, 2007
Petten, Holland, close-up, enhanced

Petten, Holland, September, 2007

Published by the UFO Casebook: 11:27 AM 4/12/2009

The photographer/eyewitness to the event states:

I was fishing with my wife, when I noticed something in the sky. I could not see what it was, because off in the distance we saw it as a black spot.

Altitude was about 300 meters. I took my camera, Nikon D50 and had a 300 mm lens on it. I just shot some pics (about 12), ao I could see it on the computer.

It stayed for about half an hour, and then it disappeared (we didn't see it flying away). Photograph was taken in Holland, near Petten, on September 8, 2007.


Name withheld

Petten, Holland, resized, closeup enhanced

See original untouched, 3008 x 2000 pixel photograph.

Camera data

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