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Two More Photographs of Holland Drone-Like UFO - UFO Casebook Files
Petten, Holland, close-up, enhanced

Published by the UFO Casebook: 11:19 AM 4/14/2009

On 04-12-09, the UFO Casebook released a photograph of a drone like object, submitted by a gentleman from Holland. He had related to me that he had a total of 12 photographs taken at the time, and I asked him to send me more of the photos. He responded by sending me two additional snaps of the object.

The three photographs are very similar in nature, but because I have been asked for more photos, I am posting them now.

The two photos below are linked below to the full size, 3008 x 2000 pixel photographs. They are untouched, just as they were taken from his camera.

thank you,

B J Booth



Petten, Holland, 2007 Petten, Holland, 2007

Original untouched, 3008 x 2000 pixel photograph 2.

Original untouched, 3008 x 2000 pixel photograph 3.

Camera data

permanent link: http://www.ufocasebook.com/2009b/pettenholland2007b.html

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