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Petten, Holland Drone-like Craft, Entire Photo Gallery
I have had another conversation with the man from Petten, Holland. He has been very cooperative and understanding about the possible importance of his photographs, and has sent me the entire gallery of 13.

I thought it would be more feasible to post a zip file, containing the entire 13 photographs. For your convenience, I am including a list of the photographs, names, date, and times of each one.

Thanks to all of you who have shown an interest in the photos. These photographs may be posted freely on web sites, blogs, etc. for the purpose of education and research. We only ask for a link back to the UFO Casebook.

I had a phone conversation with Linda Moulton Howe this afternoon, and we are collaborating on the research and information gathering aspect of the Holland drone-like photographs... more info will be coming soon. thanks again,

Download Petten Holland Photo Gallery zip file.

The zip file is 17.6 megabytes.

The zip file can be unzipped with Winrar, a free utility.

B J Booth



Here is a list of the photo info:

Date--------Time------Photo ID#

09-08-07 @ 6:16 PM, DSC_0731

09-08-07 @ 6:17 PM, DSC_0732

09-08-07 @ 6:17 PM, DSC_0733

09-08-07 @ 6:17 PM, DSC_0734

09-08-07 @ 6:20 PM, DSC_0735

09-08-07 @ 6:20 PM, DSC_0736

09-08-07 @ 6:20 PM, DSC_0737

09-08-07 @ 6:21 PM, DSC_0738

09-08-07 @ 6:21 PM, DSC_0739

09-08-07 @ 6:21 PM, DSC_0740

09-08-07 @ 6:21 PM, DSC_0741

09-08-07 @ 6:21 PM, DSC_0742

09-08-07 @ 6:21 PM, DSC_0743

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