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Photograph from Arizona, Insect or UFO?

Phoenix, Arizona - 05-16-09

I was on a trip to Phoenix, and was taking some pictures with a friend on the Apache Trail outside of town. No one was around for miles and neither of us saw anything unusual.

It was a clear, hot day. I am not sure what direction I was facing but, it was midday on the 16th of MAY. Later, when I came home, I heard on the news that many people in Phoenix had called in UFO sightings that same Saturday.

When I downloaded the pictures, we found the one I am submitting for analysis. I have never been a believer (yet), but I would love to have this photo professionaly analyzed. Can you help?

Editor's Note: I can't be sure without the original photograph, but I believe there is a chance this is an insect that just happened to fly in front of the camera.

If you think differently, drop me a e-mail.

Phoenix, Arizona - 05-16-09

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