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Unknown Object in Photograph from Playa Mantas, Costa Rica
UFO over Costa Rica
Ing. Edgar Picado Ch.

Friday, April 10, 2009 passed as a day of rest for Doctor Rafael Lamas, general doctor of the service of nuclear medicine of the Calderón Hospital Guard in San Jose, Costa Rica, who vacationed in Playa Mantas, in the Costa Rican Pacific.

With him was his HP Photosmart MZ67, with which he was to take photographs of ships in the area, including a Costan Rican Patrol boat.

Later, as he reviewed the photographs from his trip, he noticed a strange object in the left part of one of them. He had not seen the object at the time he snapped the picture.

The reporter states:

I am in the process of doing a detailed analysis of the photograph, and I will share my findings with all who are interested. I will also send a copy of the picture and my findings to my colleagues in Argentina, Spain, the United States, and Mexico for support and evaluation.

I want to thank the "Extra" Newspaper of Costa Rica, who considered me for this assignment, and to journalist Betania Artavia, who passed along testimony from witnesses.

Ing. Perforated Edgar CH.

UFO over Costa Rica

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