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A Look at Two Virginia Ring UFOs

The recent video of a ring-shaped object over King's Dominion Amusement Park in Virginia has raised a lot of questions of what the object in question may be.

Much discussion is ongoing about a very similar object captured on photographs taken in 1957 at Fort Belvoir, also in Virginia.

An explanation of "smoke rings" has been offered by some investigators as to the origin of the unknown objects. Below find some additional information and photographs.

What do you think - Just a ring of smoke, or a structured unknown flying object?

Photo: King's Dominion Amusement Park, Virginia Photo: Ft. Belvoir, Virginia, 1957

1957-Fort Belvoir, Virginia, Taken in September. This photo was investigated by the Condon Report. A private was called from his barracks by his friends to see the unusual object. He grabbed his camera and took six pictures of the strange ring shaped object. Soon, the object was engulfed in white smoke.

A black ring that became obscured by an opaque white cloud, reportedly witnessed by about 15 persons and photographed by the principal witness, is identified as the by-product of an "atom bomb simulation demonstration" on the army base.

Additional Information from Condon Report, Case 50

Time: Approx. 9 AM - Position: Looking NNE past building T741, Fort Belvoir, Va. - Terrain: Gently rolling hills with scattered technical buildings, residential areas, and woods.

Weather Conditions: Exact date unknown; hence weather conditions unavailable. Photographs show scattered cloud cover.

Sighting, General Information:

Private X, who worked as a draftsman with Post Engineers, has given the following account of the visual and photographic sighting. He was in one of several buildings facing a parking lot flanked by buildings T741 and T742 (1,3).

Someone from the outside called for the men to come out and see the curious object approaching overhead. Pvt. X and several others came out in time to see a dark, ring-shaped object approaching in the north. He ran to his car in the parking lot and got his Kodak Brownie camera.

Pvt. X thought the black ring "seemed solid," as opposed to being "like smoke," although he also stated that it was not metallic, shiny, or dull, but very black with no reflection.

He estimated that the ring was about 60 ft. in diameter and five to six feet thick . He felt that it moved systematically faster than the clouds, and was "high above the treetops," but below the clouds.

It did not stop or hover, but moved continuously and horizontally. Standing in one spot as well as he can recall, Pvt. X took six photographs of the UFO.

Between taking the second and third, the black ring began to be "engulfed in smoke," though he did not remember seeing how this happened; he believes he was distracted by winding the film of his camera at that time.

The duration of the sighting was estimated at not more than five minutes, with perhaps 30 - 60 sec. required for the black ring to become enveloped by smoke.

Roughly 15 men saw the phenomenon, and at least two photographed it. Pvt. X did not know any of these men personally, as he had recently been assigned to work in this building. Efforts to locate other witnesses were unsuccessful.

After watching the cloud for a while, the men returned inside without waiting to see what became of it. There was a feeling at this time that perhaps the object represented some kind of secret test.

Series of Photographs, Ft. Belvoir, Virginia, 1957

Series of photographs taken in 1957 at Ft. Belvoir, Virginia

Sources of Information:

Hartmann, W. K. (24 May 1967), Telephone interview with Pvt. X.

NICAP file on Ft. Belvoir incident, consisting of correspondence and interviews with Pvt. X.

Hartmann, W. K. (21 Dec. 1967), Interviews with staff personnel, Ft. Belvoir, Va.

Klass, Phillip J. (1967), Miscellaneous correspondence with Hartmann regarding Ft. Belvoir incident.

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. - Denna Smith and her family were at King's Dominion Amusement Park when they saw a black floating ring in the sky.

"Is this the end of the world, what is going on?" Smith wondered.

King's Dominion says the ring is smoke from a ride called Volcano. UFO investigator agreed Cameron Pack said he'd be convinced it was just smoke if it weren't for pictures of a similar sighting at Fort Belvoir, taken sometime in the 1950s.

Smith says she's positive it wasn't smoke.

"Smoke usually looks smokey and cloudy. This ring of smoke was a perfect circle. It was lined up so tight like it was a cut in the middle of the sky," said Smith. She also doesn't think it was a UFO.

"It was like a sign, God gives you signs and I just felt like that was a sign and I'm not sure what that sign meant but it meant a great deal to my family because when we got home we all got in line and prayed together. We were freaking out," Smith continued.

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