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Thirty Seconds Away from World War III and Nuclear Armageddon!

Published: 8:04 AM 9/13/2009

Mr. Kenneth Storch recollects the true story of five U.F.O.s that were mistaken for Russian I.C.B.M.s while he was on duty at Offutt A.F.B. in Nebraska, at that time the Home of the Strategic Air Command, (S.A.C.).

It happened during the height of the Cold War and brought the United States of America and the Soviet Union within seconds of mutual destruction!

Sworn to secrecy for over thirty years, now, Kenneth Storch has come forward to blow the whistle on our government's coverup of the UFO incident that almost caused the destruction of human civilization on Earth.

Kenneth Storch is currently a law enforcement officer in Aurora, Colorado, as well as an active U.F.O. Field Investigator for The Mutual UFO Network, (MUFON).

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