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Unknown Objects Observed over Colorado

Published: 9:50 AM 8/4/2009

East of Alamosa, Colorado - 06-23-09

I was driving west on County Rd. 6S, six miles east of Alamosa about 10 AM, on July 23. The sky was blue with some white clouds.

A plane was approaching the Alamosa airport directly above the horizon ahead, when I noticed two bright lights floating high above it. They were white, spherical, and high in the sky. I pulled over to watch them.

They shifted positions, but always stayed the same distance apart as they moved north, then to the southeast towards me. They seemed to move lower, then simply disappeared.

Because I had no binoculars or camera, I could make out no details at all. I wasn't going to report this because I was alone at the time. Then I saw the photo of the UFO near Platteville, CO on July 28.

The objects I saw looked exactly the same, except that there were two of them, and they were higher in the sky. I speculate that I saw the same type of object as the one in the photo, but I viewed it on end so that the third sphere of the triangle was not visible due to the non-transparency of the center of the object.

Robert H.

Platteville, CO - 07-28-09

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