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Contrail and Unknown Object Photographed over Los Angeles, 2006

Published: 10:41 AM 8/31/2009

Los Angeles, CA - October, 2006

While taking images of persistent contrails (chemtrails) over the Los Angeles basin in October, 2006, I captured these two photographs of a very anomalous object producing a trail that essentially spanned the entire western sky.

The pictures were taken with a Nikon Coolpix and a Nikon spotting scope with a focal length of approximately 800mm. Looking through the viewfinder, I was able to see a bright object at the head of the trail which didn't appear to be a conventional aircraft.

Upon transferring the images to my computer, I realized I had captured something unlike any other images of UFOs I had ever seen.

My own suspicion is that this may be an aircraft utilizing some form of electromagnetic cloaking device which diverts light around the object, somewhat like water flowing around a stone. I would think that such a device would have to be "tuned" or adjusted to varying atmospheric conditions (humidity, temperature, etc) and that when the tuning is not precisely correct, artifacts are visible around the otherwise cloaked aircraft.

This is just my guess, and as to why anyone would be flying such aircraft in a cloaked mode over a population center such as Los Angeles I have no idea.

An optical physicist friend of mine thinks that the trail is not a vapor trail, but is a plasma being produced by the high energy of the object. If anyone else has any theories, I would be interested to hear them.

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Los Angeles, CA - October, 2006 Los Angeles, CA - October, 2006

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