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UFOs Photographed over Morelos, Mexico
UFO Depiction

Published: 3:33 PM 8/24/2009

In the municipality of Zapata, México, while taking measurements of the acreage of Mr. Mario Márquez, Sr. Mario Castañeda Márquez inadvertently photographed some unknown objects. He sent the image us. It was taken in the city of Morelos.

An extended object is observed, of three colors, that were not noticed by the author at the time of shooting his camera.

His testimony:

"Day 14 of August of 2009, I went to Colony 3 of May, in Morelos, to carry out a work of location and measurement of an estate. I took photographies to verify the measurements for my client. I did not see anything rare, until I reviewed the material."

Other objects were also seen, but we are posting two of them here.


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