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Photograph from Mt. Shasta: Unknown Object or Camera Anomaly?

Published: 7:29 PM 8/2/2009

Greetings my comrades, I am the Sacramento UFO Examiner. I refer to your awesome site regularly. Love it. Hope you do not mind.

In the past few weeks I have been getting instructions from a Dean Clark on how to capture images of UFOs on demand. I have been assisting Mr. Clark with getting his message out there to the public via my columns and my Youtube channel.

The Image reported to the UFO Casebook on the strange camera anomaly photo taken over Texas struck a cord with me.

The image date was 08-03-09.

I was just up on Friday with a few associates taking pictures of Mount Shasta, and captured the very same image. I passed it off as a photo I would keep to myself until now. I have heard that UFOs hang around volcanoes as well as other locations such as nuclear facilities.

I hope you get the attached image. It was very strange indeed. Thanks again for your great site.

Greg Brewer / Sacramento UFO Examiner


Mt. Shasta 01-08-09

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