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H-Shaped UFO Snapped over Mt. Vernon, NY
Close up, Mt. Vernon, NY - 09-13-09

Published: 2:49 PM 9/17/2009

Mt. Vernon, NY - Sept. 13/09 time: 12:50 PM

(Editor's Note: We have had about 25 emails from readers telling us this object is an H-shaped mylar balloon.)

I shot about 60 frames of a craft in Mount Vernon, NY, between 30 & 60,000 feet up. It was a clear blue sky. Object appeared to be spinning and changing positions.

When I enlarged the pictures, you could clearly see the object, two tubes connected together by a tube in the middle forming a letter 'H' so I decided to look for similar sighting on the Internet, and I found it quite an amazing object so here it is.

Artist Depiction, Nova Scotia - 2007 Nova Scotia - Two Elongated Box-Shaped 'H' UFOs

Brian Vike - Director HBCC UFO Research 07/11/07

This was no airplane, I never saw anything quite like it. It was box-shaped, long and tapered on the front, and there was another one, right beside it. Between the two box-shaped craft, there was a tunnel like the letter "H".

I would say that the altitude of this thing was no more than two hundred feet high, and only about 300 feet north of where I stood, slowly moving in an easterly direction. The mid section of this fuselage had these ribbons like things hanging down from it.

I had my 4 year old son with me and I started getting a bit nervous, as I was not sure what I was seeing and I feared for his safety. I told him to stay seated, and after watching this thing for about 40 seconds to perhaps a minute at the longest, it disappeared out of site blocked out by the tree line.

Read full report: http://www.rense.com/general77/nnov.htm

Mt. Vernon, NY - 09-13-09 Mt. Vernon, NY - 09-13-09
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