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Unknown Objects Videotaped over San Antonio, TX
San Antonio video frame capture

Published: 3:00 AM 9/18/2009

San Antonio, TX - 09-15-09

Video 1 - On September 15, 2009, multiple unknown objects were observed and filmed traveling southeast high in altitude. The first sighting occurred as I was sky watching facing northwest.

I noticed a flash high in altitude. So I quickly grabbed my camcorder and began filming this glowing object. When zooming in, I was surprised to see this unknown when it began to fade in/out.

It was clearly no aircraft. This object was traveling southeast high in altitude and appear to be spinning. I panned back to find a reference point, using the top of the roof.

As I began to zoom in you can clearly see this was no aircraft. It was an extremely glowing object that seemed to be getting brighter. This unknown object was no aircraft/weather balloon or satellite.

Video 2 - On September 15, 2009, multiple glowing objects were observed and filmed on different occasions over San Antonio,TX.

The second sighting took place as I was sky watching facing North. I noticed an aircraft traveling east. Then I noticed a glowing object high in altitude traveling southeast. This object did not appear to be an aircraft, so I grabbed my camcorder for a closer observation.

When zooming a large glowing object could be observed identical to one filmed earlier. I was surprised to see this unknown when it seemed to be spinning. You can clearly see this object spinning while it was traveling southeast.

While I was filming unknown began to glow extremely bright. It did not seem to reflect the sun's rays. It seemed to be glowing. These unknown object's filmed were clearly no aircraft's/ weather-balloon's or satellite's in my opinion.

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