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Reports of Flying Saucers Hovering over Whitchurch

Published: Aug 6 2009

by Chris Smith, Whitchurch Herald

FLYING saucers could have been spotted over Whitchurch just days ago.

Last week the Herald revealed strange lights in the sky had been spotted over Wem and Malpas. Since then two more strange sightings were recorded on the UK UFO Sightings website.

George Harry Robinson also told the Herald: “At 1.35 am on July 31, my brother woke me up and said ‘there’s a UFO hovering over our house.’

“We both looked out the window and saw a saucer with light underneath, bright colours. It stayed there for about five minutes. I was so shocked I didn’t get a photo of it. We have now set up a camera and a telescope just in case it comes again. We saw it really well in detail and feel very lucky.”

Meanwhile, Debbie and Mark Rowley say they saw a UFO between 11.20pm and 11.30pm on July 4 at home in Blackpark Road, Whitchurch.

They wrote on the website: “While sitting in the hot tub, looking up at the stars, we both noticed a bright light, which looked similar to a large Chinese lantern.

“It sort of drifted across the sky in a northerly direction, suddenly changed direction and headed south east and upwards quite quickly. The light appeared to be a ball of fire, and we watched it for about four to five minutes.

“Approximately 10 minutes later we spotted a much bigger fireball in the east, travelling northwards.

“This object was moving at some considerable speed, and disappeared behind the trees on the horizon. It resembled a large comet, but without a tail. Neither sighting was accompanied by any discernible sound.

“As we live on the very outskirts of town, we are able to get a good clear view of the night sky with very little distortion from street lighting.”

Have you seen a UFO over your house? Drop us a line, our details are on page 2, and if you have a picture of any suspected flying saucers, email them to us.

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