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Video of Red UFO Taken over Wigan
Still Frame Capture


28 July 2009

By Jon Peake

An amazing video of a flame-red UFO moving slowly across the skies of Wigan has been sent in to wigantoday.

Adrian De Havilland spotted six glowing lights in the sky when he was at a relatives' house in UpHolland at the weekend and managed to get photographic and video evidence of some of the objects.

The close encounter happened at around 10 pm on Saturday. Adrian said: "I was with the in-laws in UpHolland when we all saw some glowing lights in the sky.

"They weren't aeroplanes or helicopters or chinese lanterns and I managed to get a couple of pictures on my phone along with a bit of video footage.

"They flew across the sky in a sort of formation slowly then veered off at a tangent and upwards, increasing speed as they did this until they disappeared behind the clouds."

In a completely separate incident a woman claims she saw a number of strange lights in the sky above Standish a week earlier.

The woman, who didn't give her name, said: "I was driving home from a friend's house with two other friends in the car and we all saw five or more lights in the sky above Standish. They were in a formation and remained there for at least 10 minutes."

There have been many more sightings recently but just what these strange lights in the sky are is open for debate with sceptics dismissing them as aeroplanes or chinese lanterns.

What is interesting about Adrian's video, though, is that he pans away from the odd glowing light to an aeroplane a short distance away and you can clearly see the difference between the two objects.

And he is adamant they are not chinese lanterns.

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