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Unknown Object / Helicopter Photographed - Wordsley, England - 07-27-09

Published: 1:17 PM 7/27/2009

Wordsley, England - 07-27-09

Just recently there has been a lot of helicopter activity in my hometown, Wordsley, England. I've learned from friends, sky watchers, three of them ex-military and in the know, that whenever you see helicopters acting aloof and hovering for long periods of time that its always a good oportunity to grab your camera and take as many photos as possible!

You never know what the camera can pick up that the naked eye misses. One good friend who is in the Royal Navy tells me that humans can only see in a particular visual spectrum (not infra-red).

He explained to me that ETs have harnessed the capability of operating in Infra-red and other light spectrums that we neither possess nor understand.

Hence, why we can't see these 'things' flying all around us at all times? However, he disclosed to me that somehow cameras tend to capture these craft. Another very interesting fact he told me is that as these ETs don't yet want to be seen by man, until they're ready and they realize that with more and more people owning cameras the ETs needed a way to combat constantly been photographed.

He claims he knows that these 'people from other worlds' have begun building their craft in the shape to resemble birds! Very clever.

So, if you do happen to capture a UFO you may discard it, believing it to be just a bird. The picture I'm sending you now was taken today July 27, 2009 ,at 16:51 pm.

I was at home, when out of the blue, I heard the rumble of helicopters, I took my camera outside and took around 20 pictures. In this photo, you can see a white object near the Helicopter (centre) then to right, above the Heli you will find a 'guest' that wasn't noticed when I took the picture!

Please feel free to use it on Casebook. Photo taken in Wordsley, England.


Col Foster

Wordsley, England - 07-27-09

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