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Video: UFO Shown Emitting Orbs over Mexico City, Mexico
Yellow UFO Emits Orbs

Published: 9:05 AM 7/6/2009

Mexico City, Mexico

BREAKING NEWS : UFO releases intelligent, moving spheres near KLM 747 over Mexico City, Mexico.

A reader alerted me to the video you see below. As I often do, I will only tell you to watch the video, and draw your own conclusions.

The video is quite interesting, and if authentic, gives us a lot of information about the so-called "orbs," which you will see in the video.

Although the dialogue is in Spanish, there are English comments embedded in the video, and it is quite self explanatory.

Allegedly, the video was taken by sky watcher Pedro Hernandez, and shows a "yellow" UFO in the vicinity of KLM 747. As the film moves along, you will see the UFO emit a number of orbs.

Hernandez is shown in the video, along with host Jamie Maussan.

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