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Dutch UFO Sighting Gets Media Attention - with Video
UFO Depiction

Published: 4:43 AM 10/7/2009

Michael Cohen m.cohen@allnewsweb.com

A UFO sighting, along with accompanying footage, that took place in the Netherlands is making headlines in that country.

Steve Van Der Velde could not believe his eyes when his girlfriend pointed at a strange point of light in the sky. The 32-year-old Steve took out his camera and started filming the UFO.

The footage below was taken a fortnight ago from Steve’s living room in the Dutch town Delfgauw. "It was like a red object moving with great speed in the vicinity of our apartment. It just floated for some time in the air’, commented Steve to the Dutch newspaper, ‘Algemeen Dagblad’.

His girlfriend commented that she noticed the object at round 11:30 pm. ‘The UFO was diamond shaped, not disc shaped,’ continued Steve. ‘I really doubt it was a Chinese lantern or a weather balloon’ he concluded.

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