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Unknown Objects Photographed over Florida - 11-13-09

Published: 3:14 AM 11/20/2009

Florida - 11-13-09

My wife and I were at a restaurant last Friday 13, 2009, and she took some pictures of the sunset at about 5 minute intervals. When uploaded to computer, we found unusual globes and square lights.

We are surrounded by military bases around here, so I haven't a clue what they were - they were invisible to naked eye, only spotted them in the pictures. In one picture they are very visible. see below

These are the photos I was talking about: We were sitting at local Destin restaurant overlooking the harbor, when the photos were taken last Friday. At the time, nothing out of the ordinary was visible to the naked eye.

If you look at the photos... globes are visible starting with #1686, more visible on 1687, and really visible on 1688. (shown below)

Also look to the right over the bridge, about in the middle & above the bridge there are 3 square lights visible as well. The photos were taken in about 5 minute intervals, just to get the sunset. By #1689 photo, they had vanished.

Like I said, we didnt even see them until we uploaded the photos to the computer!

Yours truly,

Bill & Caroline D.

Florida - 11-13-09

(click on image to see 2576 x 1932 pixel photograph)

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