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UFOs over Heathrow Airport

Published: 8:26 AM 11/20/2009

Feltham, Greater London, UK

I work in Feltham near Heathrow airport (almost 1 to 1.5 miles away from the runway). I parked my car in the company car park and was walking towards the Company building entrance. It was the 9th of September 2009, and it was a bright, sunny morning with no clouds.

It was around 8:50 AM, and I could see the usual air traffic of planes coming in to land and planes taking off. But suddenly in the distance in the western sky, I could see a spherical, silver object which was emitting alternate red and blue lights.

I initially thought it to be another plane, but then released that I have never seen a plane in that part of the sky and traveling from west to east.

So I stopped and thought to have a look at the object and my suspicions grew. I was somewhat overjoyed as I thought I was seeing a UFO, but wanted to confirm it before I could tell others. The spherical, silver object was not traveling in a straight line and was making a zigzag motion (like a snake) and I immediately knew that I was watching a UFO, as I have never seen any plane moving in that fashion.

I thought of taking a picture, when suddenly out of nowhere another spherical object appeared near the first one. I was totally confused as I didnít see that object before and how it suddenly appeared.

I was looking at those objects when I realized that I could see 2 more spherical objects along with the first two. And then more objects started appearing as if they were getting turned ON by someone. It almost felt like someone is turning on different bulbs in a big dark room.

I could sense that they knew that I was watching them as more and more objects started appearing. I could see around 15-20 spherical objects in the sky, and they were traveling from west to east over Heathrow. I tried to capture it on my cell-phone, but didnít capture them as I was so happy to see a UFO and so preoccupied with it, that I didnít realize that I had forgotten to click the record button.

They was a couple of people who watched it along with me. None of us had a camcorder or even a proper camera to take a picture. The objects then came overhead and started flickering various lights, red, blue, orange, and white and it seemed as if the objects were moving in a pack and communicating with each other and flying as if they were playing a game.

The objects slowed down somewhat when they were over our heads (as if they knew that we were watching them), and then sped in the eastern direction with speed. They accelerated so fast that I was amazed at their speed. The objects where easily over 10,000 ft above us and I couldnít see any exhaust or any trail left behind from the objects.

All this happened in 10-12 minutes, and then I went in to the office and told all my colleagues about it. No one believed us and made fun of us, stating that it canít be true and no such thing exists.

I tried to look at the clip on my cell phone and realized my mistake. The other 2 guys had also not taken a picture of the objects and even they were the subject of fun as we couldnít prove what we had seen. I was very embarrassed by the constant fun and my mistake, and decided to keep quite about the incident.

From that day I was constantly visiting this website to check if anyone had reported this sighting, and was amazed to know that no one had reported seeing any UFOs on that day as they had passed over a crowded city area in broad daylight.

I am not sure if anyone would believe me or my colleagues when I send this email, but I donít care as I know that I have seen UFOs and I am very happy with that. I always wanted to see them since I heard about them about 15-20 years ago when I was a teenager and my dream had come true.

Next time if I see them again, I would be probably more careful and would at least take some photos if not a short video clip.

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