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Unknown Object Caught in Photo from Niagara Falls

Published: 3:53 PM 11/28/2009

Niagara Falls, Canada - 06-02-09

I was in Niagara Falls, Canada, near the center, below the crest and in the mist of the Horseshoe Falls. Too close to the rushing water for any normal manmade aircraft. It would be suicidal.

That comes from a copter pilot I talked to... It was 6:35 AM on a Monday morning, and as you can see there was no one around at the Falls at that time. If by any chance it was a helicopter, it would have been seen or heard and reported to transport Canada.

Too many hotels sit near the falls, someone you would think would have noticed. I was up early and it was such a nice morning I decided to take some picturs of the Falls as the sun was rising.

Also about 5 minutes later after that picture I turned to my right to photograph this tower which is about a mile away, and caught this object to the right of the tower which also I did not see until I uploaded the pic.

If it's a seagull it must be a very large seagull, because pics I have from the river which was very close to my hotel and with my camera at full zoom, they look like small white dots on the river... will send tower and river shots and judge for yourself.

This shot was taken on the morning of 6/02/08 from the 18th floor of the Falls View Casino hotel room. The second shot was taken 5 seconds later, and it was gone. I did not see or hear any helicopter.


Niagara Falls, Canada - 06-02-09

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