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UFO Sighting over Malaga, Spain

Published: 10:52 AM 11/12/2009

Malaga, Spain 11-09-09

I have commented on quite a few sightings witnessed by people from all parts of the planet, and other anomalies mentioned. I have been very sceptical of some, some not.

Last night my wife and I were walking the dog along the Paseo Maritimo where we live in Malaga, in Spain. It was a dark, clear night with bright stars showing, with no moon. The time was approximately 1900 hrs.

We are on the flight path for aircraft going to North Africa, Gibraltar, and all points west.

I pointed out to my wife, a bright, yellowish object moving southwesterly, it was quite high, much higher than aircraft that was moving about the night sky.

This thing suddenly stopped and then began moving towards our direction. M wife said that is no plane, it does not have any blinking lights on it. As we talked, a plane passed under the light so we could ascertain that it was much higher than conventional aircraft.

Suddenly the light disappeared momentarily, reappeared, and started to move in an easterly direction. The speed was what I would call very slow, and at no time did it increase speed, it seemed to be carrying out reconnaissance of the area.

There was no shape to the thing as it was too far away to determine. No stars perform that kind of maneuver. I am always reluctant to report these items, and it is not the first we have seen over the years, you have your debunkers. No idea what it was, but we keep open minds to extraterrestrial phenomena.

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