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Woman Encounters UFO on Texas Highway, Being Seen

Published: 5:25 AM 10/7/2009

Texas - 10-03-09 On this particular night I was pretty scared about driving from Abilene, Texas, back to Stamford, Texas, where I had just moved. But I was still traveling back and forth trying to finish getting my things out of my mother's house.

My brother, who was trying to help me stay strong with all the things that had already been happening to me, said don't be afraid, just call me if you need me on the phone.

You see, strange things had already been happening even before this night. I told my brother I am going to make myself believe that I will make it to Stamford without being afraid that something is going to happen. So I started out towards Anson, which is a direct route to Stamford.

Well it was pretty quite outside, a few dark clouds, but not many. I was driving along the highway scared to death but reassuring myself I would make it up there safely. As I was thinking this to myself, through my right side window I saw this flashing, reddish-orange light appear.

I thought it's probably just an airplane or a weather balloon. I was barely getting close to Anson, but I could still see it as I drove. As I passed through Anson, I headed out towards Stamford. There is just a stretch of highway of total seclusion before you get there.

as I drove out of Anson I saw something happening in the sky with that orange, bright light I had been seeing. As I was driving toward Abilene, it started to move up, then down, then across, then sideways fast... then it would sit real still in the air.

I said to myself, "Oh my God! what is that?"

It crossed slowly in front of my car, but up high, but where I could still see it... then it came around to my left side of the car. I was still driving, I was not stopping for anything or anyone, I was that scared...

I tried to call my brother but I couldn't get through to him. My nephew at the time was on the phone talking to his girlfriend, so he didn't switch over on the phone line to see who was calling. So I was all alone with whatever was about to happen to me.

I just kept remembering what my brother would say to me when things were occurring to me: stay cool sister, don't panic ,just let it occur see what it wants... so I tried to stay calm, but my heart was beating fast as it came closer and lower from the sky.

It looked orange and like a very bright star. But as it got closer I could see it was a space ship, an unusually shaped space ship. It drifted to my left, but low enough so that I could see it, and slow enough so that I could observe the inside of it and it was not human.

It was an entity not from here: its energy was breathtaking, that is how strong it felt being that close to my car. The energy level was so strong it felt like if it were going to lift my car and take me off this highway. It could easily have done it. But it didn't.

It came close enough for me to feel its presence and to see the ship that it was traveling in was like no other... at close range. I felt like it was putting a message in my heart and mind, like "This is who we are, tell somebody about this."

I could feel pressure in my body. I was having trouble breathing, but most of all I was afraid. I would never be seen again. I started to pray within myself for it not to take me away from my granddaughter, because she only had me in her life.

I was the only one taking care of her. I started to cry for it not to take me. I was praying so hard I didn't even realize that I was almost close to Stamford.

It felt like I was out there for hours, like time stopped during this time on the highway, but as I turned to look again to my left side to see if it was still there it was traveling away from me towards Abilene, jumping in different directions appearing in one section of the sky and then reappearing in a another part of the sky.

Then it disappeared completely... I couldn't see it anymore and I thanked God for whatever this was not taking me off the highway and away from my grandbaby.

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