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Reader Finds 2nd Unknown Object in Phoenix Mt. Preserves Photo
Published: 9:16 AM 4/25/2010

I just wanted to point out that a second spherical UFO is in the top most Shaw Butte Mt. photo on your page at Hiking Photo Shows Unknown Object over Phoenix Mountain Preserves.

It appears to be almost identical in color, shape and size. I looked at dozens of similar shots of this large microwave array atop Shaw Butte on Google Images, and did not see anything like these spheres (as I was wondering if they might have been similar to the balls hanging on wire to warn crop dusters where the power lines are located, but these spheres are clearly above what appear to be power or telephone lines, not on the lines).

I'm sending a crop out of the photo with the second overlooked sphere, on the right nearest the mountain. I think the hiker really got something in this shot (the other shot appears to be a very common blurred bird, imho).

James Neff




Shaw Butte, Phoenix UFO
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