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UFO Photo from Argentina Touted as "Best of 2009"
Buenos Aires, Argentina - 12-26-09

Published: 12:17 PM 1/11/2010

near Buenos Aires, Argentina - 12-26-09

This remarkable photographic proof of a UFO was obtained 12-26-09, at 14:38 hours by Alexander Mikitiuk.

The photograph was taken in the area of the mountain range of Berries, Olavarría, in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He did not see the unknown object when he took the photograph, but only noticed it later when uploading photographs to his computer.

The photograph was subjected to analysis by Patricio J. Precipices, who concluded that the UFO in the photograph was indeed a solid object, and was present when the photograph was snapped.

Many investigators in Argentina called these objects "Ghost UFOs," which indicate that the object was present at the time of the taking of a photograph, but the human eye could not perceive it.

The photograph is being called one of the best of the year 2009, and possibly the last decade.

Informó: Guillermo D. Giménez - Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina - 12-26-09

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Agradezco a: Luis Burgos y su equipo de la FAO - La Plata

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