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Oval-Shaped UFO Reported over Colorado
Published: 6:16 AM 6/21/2010

Colorado - 06-16-10

At approximately 11 PM, June 16, 2010, I went out to my front porch to smoke a cigarette before going to bed. My front porch faces due west.

The evening was clear and my view of the sky was good, for living in a city. About 3 minutes into my cigarette, chair kicked back up against a wall facing the western sky, I happened to notice a very slow moving, small pinpoint light (it looked like a dim bluish star) coming towards me from the Southwest, heading Northeast.

The object appeared to be at a very high altitude, had no flashing navigation lights and maintained the same, stable luminosity (no flashing or twinkling) for the first 15 seconds of observation.

I first thought the object was a satellite, (I have observed satellites in the past) and this is why I continued to watch it. After observing the object travel for the first 15 seconds it suddenly grew much brighter, about as bright as Venus. (I had observed Venus earlier in the evening). The object continued moving at the same speed and direction.

At this point in time, I knew the object was not a satellite, and thought it might be a jet of some sort, that had just turned on its landing lights. Even though DIA & Buckley AFB are nearby to the East, I thought this was unusual due to the extremely high altitude, extremely slow speed, and lack of any other navigation lights.

The now very bright object continued traveling in the same direction for another 15 seconds and then stopped moving.

In the last 5 seconds of observing the object, it did not move and quickly grew much brighter, approximately 3 times brighter than Venus. The object then vanished in a flash of bright light (Bright enough to burn the image into my eyes for a few seconds).

After a few blinks, my eyes recovered from the flash and I could make out a short, faint, white, hazy, luminescent trail going due North from where the object had stood.

I do understand the object may have been traveling at a high speed, but due to its high altitude and my perspective, appeared to me, to be moving slowly.

Two days later, on the evening of June 18, 2010 at approximately 10:45 PM. under the same circumstances as June 16, I'm out on my front porch under clear skies, smoking another cigarette, kicked back in my chair facing the sky, directly due west, when a brilliant white oval object appeared to just "pop" into view.

The object had a very distinct, solid white oval shape to it. The object stood still for about 1 1/2 seconds and then quickly moved to the North at a high rate of speed.

This object appeared to be at a much lower altitude than the object I had observed two days prior on 6/16.

The object continued to move north for about 15 seconds and then vanished. During flight, the object maintained a consistent luminosity, it did not flash or twinkle, there were no navigation lights.

I have lived at this residence for 10 years. I am familiar with the routine air traffic over my home (commercial, civilian and military). In both sightings, the objects did not appear to be any type of aircraft that I am familiar with.

I am 42 years old, and throughout my life, I have observed many individual meteors, spent many evenings watching meteor showers, and have witnessed a few spectacular fireballs. In both sightings, the objects did not appear to be meteors.

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