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Dominican Republic - Multiple Witnesses Observe USO Maneuver over/in Ocean
Published: 8:56 AM 5/28/2010

Event occurred east of Dominican Republic

On the evening of Wednesday, April 21, 2010, my wife and I had returned to our room aboard a ship cruising the Caribbean. At 11:40 PM, we went out on to the balcony to enjoy the night air.

We were passing to the east of the Dominican Republic after leaving St. Thomas earlier that afternoon.

Out on the balcony I noticed a white, spherical-shaped light out on the water a couple of hundred yards out from the ship. I remarked to my wife, "What's that light out there"?

She said, "It's a ship."

But then I pointed out that there wasn't a ship to be seen, and the light didn't look like a ship light. It was very intense, bright white, and there were no other lights around.

Within seconds of saying this, the light began to rise up from the ocean surface. It reached a height of approximately 30 degrees above the horizon.

After rising up, the light appeared to be more spherical. It then began to perform acrobatic maneuvers. The object would move along a few seconds in one direction, then dart back across the sky at a nearly 180 degree angle from the direction it was traveling.

As we were seeing this, we pointed the object out to a group on a balcony just above us. They confirmed that we were all seeing the same thing.

The object darted around in the sky for a few minutes, then moved back down to the ocean surface. As it moved down, it appeared to be coming right at the ship. All of us watching the object kind of stepped back, and had a moment wondering if the object was going to come all the way to the ship.

As the object approached the ship, about 150 yards out, it went into the water. We could see the light under the water for a few seconds, and then it disappeared.

While watching the object, my wife and I were talking to the other witnesses making comments like, "Are you seeing what I am seeing?" "Wow!" and variations of "Holy Crap!" We confirmed with each other that we had all seen the same thing.

There is no doubt we all saw the same thing. However, none of us had any idea what we had just seen. The object moved in ways I never seen a manmade flying object move before.

It cut and darted faster than any bird I've ever seen. At times it moved so fast it was hard to track it moving across the sky. Then it would stop.

It was an incredible event. I have no idea what the object's origins or purpose was. I have no idea if it was manmade, or of some other origin.

If it was manmade, we have craft that can do some incredible maneuvering. That it went into the water and disappeared, which made it all the more incredible and all the more mysterious to me.

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