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Aliens: Exist Or Do Not Exist?
Published: 11:46 AM 7/29/2010

Author: George Smith

Aliens or extraterrestrial forms of life are actually creatures that have different space origins. Even though there are different documents, videos and witnesses, we still do not know for sure if these strange creatures really exist. The modern scientists still argue on many controversies related to this subject. Many scientists argument that the aliens do not exist because they are certain that, except Terra, there is no life within the entire Universe.

There are various fields in science that are devoted in studying the continuation of aliens. Among of these fields are astrobiology, exobiology and xenobiology. There are also theories regarding their existence that have been developed. Savantsí initial theory is that the possibility of aliensí existence was because of the possibility of life existence in another universe.

Their next theory was that aliensí existence was an end result of exogenesis. These two theories presented were both based on the leeway that aliens came from the evolution of some extraterrestrial microorganisms. That is why they are believed to have highly developed abilities and features than humans.

According to some scientists, they believed that aliens came from various planets such as Enceladus, Europa, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Titan and Venus. In addition, many have given their testimonials about some unidentified flying objects and some bizarre facts which are being link with the extraterrestrial creatures. Thus scientists considered these events as suppositions.

Many beliefs state that aliens exist in our Solar System, too. None displayed any concrete samples to support these theories. The only related certainties are some individual testimonials and possible aliens traces discovered on Mars material (Alan Hills 84001 Meteorite). However, the other scientists quickly refute all these theories and any new ones that appear.

Some scientists refute the existence of aliens. They believe that for a creature to live, some chemicals must be present. The atmosphere must contain carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, phosphorus, oxygen, sulfur and other mineral components.

At the same time, for it to survive they need water. Water is very essentials in all living creatures. And if aliens do exists, they also need water to survive. Thus, water helps biochemical to react with each other.

The existence of water on other planets may suggest that aliens could exist there. But, that is not all. The water must said to be pure in existence since it is the lone way that a living creature could utilize that. Its pH balance is also important.

Additionally, life cannot exist either if the temperatures are not right. This is the reason why, many scientists assert that aliens do not exist, as within the universe the climate is not appropriate. As well, it is known that carbon is a very important element as it is the only one able to help in covalent chemical bonds. As, there are no planets where carbon does exists, it is a natural conclusion to say that aliens does not exist either.

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