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Sky / Atmospheric Anomaly Seen / Photographed over Florida
Florida, 01-14-10

Published: 9:43 AM 1/15/2010

Royal Palm Beach, Florida - 1/14/2010

We were standing outside our local grocery store when my mother mentioned these strange shapes in the sky. These may be weather phenomenon as many say they are.

But the striking similarity to what has been seen overseas in Moscow and Norway is what made me take pictures and send them to ufocasebook.com.

My mother, at 65, says she has never seen any meteorological happening like this in all her years and was pretty awestruck at the shape of the oblong one having almost squared off corners, and also how quickly this all dissipated within a few minutes of happening.

In my opinion, these could be one of two things, either they are meteorological and natural, or they are some form of cloaking technology being used by some sort of craft of some origin or another.

I leave it up to the reader and viewer of this report to decide for themselves. But even my mother herself agrees that something feels like it is going on up there, something different and exciting.

Weather conditions were partly cloudy until this happened, around 60 degrees F and light winds at ground level.

Pictures included are in the original form taken from the camera phone which is a Droid Eris 5.0 MP camera

Jim T.

Royal Palm Beach, Florida - 1/14/2010 Royal Palm Beach, Florida - 1/14/2010
Royal Palm Beach, Florida - 1/14/2010 Royal Palm Beach, Florida - 1/14/2010

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