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Unidentified Object Photographed over Mexico

Published: 10:03 AM 1/3/2010

Mexico - 01-01-10

It was New Year's Eve, and I was on my living room balcony. The balcony looks onto mountains. The other side of my condo is the ocean.

At midnight there were firework displays, and I went to my bedroom balcony to watch them.

Roughly 1.45 hrs later, I was on my living room balcony, there are bars / restaurants on my street and people were drinking, and there was music playing.

I looked up and saw an orange ball flying through the sky - almost like it was dropping from the sky. It was going so fast I thought it must be a firework.

It was strange for fireworks as it was late, but the object slowed down or stopped. I told my friend about it, and she freaked out.

She doesn't want to be named in this report, but she was telling me to tell the people on the street about it.

I ran and got my camera. It just stayed there, the funny thing is no one looked up. It must have been there 5 minutes, then it slowly moved away.

I have never ever seen anything like it, I can't explain, but I want to know what it was.

It was orange to the naked eye, but when I took my pics it came out white with a slight ring around it. My camera isn't the best and I zoomed to take the pics, I don't know if that would change the appearance of the object.

Mexico - 01-01-10

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