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Multiple, Neon Green Lights Seen over Munich, Germany
Published: 9:51 AM 6/29/2010

Munich, Germany

Sitting in my hammock on the balcony in Munich at 06.28.2010, 22:45 hours, I suddenly saw a bright neon-green, regular, fast flickering light (like stroposcope), which crossed the sky from east to west with high velocity (much faster than a jet or satellite), with absolutely no noise.

Five minutes later, it, or a similar one, appeared again, same procedure from East to west, same speed, same flightpath, same colour, as well flickering like a stroposcope.

Twenty minutes later, my eyes were caught by two lights which came again on the same path, high speed, consequent lighting.

It seemed the following light was chasing the light in front, because it made slide moves to the left and right, during the leading light flowing straight.

After the first green light, I went to get my camera. But in the dark and because I was to excited when the second green light came up, I did not manage to find the button to disable the automatic zoom.

I could not take pictures at all, because the camera tried to zoom in all the time into a dark sky.

Searching the button in the dark, I turned down the exposure time. So when the two white lights appeared I could indeed take some photographs, but they went out all to dark.


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