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Is This the Real UFO Canada Spiral Footage?
Video Frame Grab
Published: 9:23 AM 5/28/2010

Contributed by freepressinternational.com (Editor)

Western Canada Spiral UFO 2010 100% proof was not a hoax after all. The original clip was created as a hoax to an actual event that occured on Friday , but the poster did not have a video to support the event and made his own version.

This video is of the actual event and is the only known video to exist. This clip was submitted by an anonymous witness to the event that occurred just hours before sunrise.

The story behind the UFO is that an unknown craft was spiraling through the sky in more of a "jig jag" formation, as if it was in distress, before eventually spiraling at the end and then supersonically disappearing vertically into space with a super sonic boom.

This clip was taken by a resident who witnessed the incident. He states "it happened so fast, I just stood there with my mouth wide open in utter amazement."

He quickly ran into the house to grab his video camera to capture the glowing, colorful, radiant trail the craft left in its path.

The aftereffect lingered on for several minutes, then dissipated into the pitch black sky. You can hear him talking to his neighbor, who was aroused from sleep by the sonic boom.

The person responsible for the video wishes to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, to protect himself and his family.

The video was sent to me to share. A water mark has been placed on the video for copyright protection. All I know at this time is what has been told to me, and I have posted here.

At this time, this could be classified as an Unidentified Flying Object, until a valid explanation can explain how a conventional craft can move in such a formation at such speeds.

The trail of radiant energy depicted in this video, in my opinion, could not have been made by any jet propelled vehicle made by man. This is my opinion, however, and there may be someone with an explanation for this type of craft movement.

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